Non violence!

I really don’t understand why so many “yogis” still eat meat. It’s like one of the first practices of Yamas. This is way before you start learning asanas.

It’s like..they make an animal suffering so you can eat it. That is violence. There is nothing that you can say : “But, …”

However, I have some friends on this planet who do not practice yoga but they live it without knowing it. And I know for some people who practice yoga and they don’t live by the principles. Which is even more deceiving for the soul as the knowledge that you gain you can not really erase.

Well, there will be day that everything will be more clear.

I just hope one day soon, because living in the world like this is very exhausting.

Despite knowing life is beautiful. More you vibrate high frequency the better you can teach without teaching others around you!

A day in a hostel part II.

Have you already met a person that it’s very difficult to talk with? I have.

Once upon a time, when I was 5 years younger I admit I was one of those people who think only of themself when the difficulties arrived. It was about me, about my feelings and it was always everybody elses fault before mine.

Selfish attitude make your eyes foggy. When challenge arise, when the communication is the essential part of solution there is no place for any kind of ego and lack of misunderstandings from both parts. Once a person start being rude to another – no solutions and worse the communications is pointless because the ego strikes so hard that you just can’t see bigger picture.

One of the ladies lately (same age as me), start spitting the poison from her mouth. I really was thinking that time, what would Gandhi do? What would my heart do? How to avoid even bad thoughts about the person. I begged angles to help me maintain my calmness. They did of course.

Seriously, sometimes it’s so hard to teach people. Teach in this sense, no matter of them reaction, you need to speak the truth!

I am trying to practice on sending love. Maybe it sounds so corny and very “spiritual” in ironic way but this is the only thing that I can remember that works when someone just can not simply understand how bad the attitude she/he have.

Can you imagine that sometimes just staring in people eyes can provoke so much confusion to them ego that actually it’s more powerful than going around for hour with conversation??


Basic thinking parents

How to teach kids according to a woman who has none: Chapter I.

1. Rethink if you are able to be patient with yourself and then do some moves

2. Think of the planet first. For sure woman is on the planet to pursue the highest greatest thing – another human being. But if you’re no capable of loving yourself, don’t make kids.

3. When the child is born. Give them love and money for the ice cream. Priority should be little things that makes child happy. For me was always – ice cream, chocolate milk (1 cup!), playing outside with the bicycle, a lot of activities, adventures games, not introducing TV at any point of age of a child and what I would do what my mother didn’t know by that time – mediations.

4. You’re important love yourself – loving yourself means loving others.

5. Giving all the exponents that the child can pick up by itself. When a child pick up the topic by itself he will put all the curiosity into the subject. This is earth knowledge that it is good when it come to Earth pont but..

6. ..don’t forget to teach human inner world! Books, spirituality. It’s good to know that the kindness and love can solve problems. Mixining all the tools that you know, make your life more easier.  For example: If somebody treat you bad, you don’t need to be quiet and avoid the rudeness, you will never teach no-one nothing. So speak out when necessary. If  a person have guts to be hard on you, he need to be prepared that you will be hard on him too. That doesn’t mean if he scream that you need to scream too but you have all the rights to teach him, he is no more welcome in your life because of that, this, etc..

7. Buy books instead of computer games

8. Travel

9. communicate

10. Honesty

11. Again we’re at Yamas and Nyamas

My conclusion at age 26 is: Too many parents are completely ignorant and not patient. Couple a weeks ago I saw mother on the street who slapped the child around his face.

I was devastated to see that. And parents who hides the truth to the children. Parents who thinks that kids need protection till..I don’t know what day.

Good know, is this karma or what.

Just one story from yesterday:

Since living, working at the hostel, all the “world” come to me. Many people, different ages, happy, unhappy, angry, frustrated, chill out people, open-hearted people, all kind of people. Maybe they can’t understand, that I already can notice with the first hand shake what kind of people they are.

Needless to say that this is pointing on the story from yesterday and it goes like this…

Mother and father with two kids (Would say age 8 and 12) decided to book the hostel. They came here we put them into the rooms than they disappear till the evening.

I came from the surfing all happy, my eyes sparkles, clean and refreshed. The whole family appears at the door, saying all kind of crap that they could find.

5. with the most annoying attitude that the city is boring. Let’s reframe : attitude!

(you , yourself needs to be the most boring person if you find this city boring)

4. There is too much people on the Beach

3. Than they lie, that somebody told them that we do lessons only from Mon-Fri.

And I explain him that it is not true. Lessons are everyday, Course goes from Mon-Fri.

2. There is nothing to do (the kiddo was dying to make surf lesson)


The people in the hostel are too young. Currently we host people from age 30 -44.

The family was 38-42 could say.

I told him: You’re trying to find problems and not solution. He went green.

Who loose here?

The kids, because they needed to hear all kind of crap that the father was telling and mother was quiet sitting in the corner not looking me in the eyes.

Next morning, like nothing happened of course he felt guilty becouse he act like the spoiled child and becouse he wanted me to act the same but I didn’t. All the time I was very calm. Also important is: patient and look as a person as he have an issue and he want to put it on you. Once you look them in the eyes and tell them (with vibration not words) : come on man recieve this big ball of love if you can :) And pass it.

He: It’s not your fault.

Me: I know, it is not.

I wish the kiddos good surfing and good life.