Eco magazine Green this Season | year 2 , Issue 3

Who’s up to go throught the new magazine Green This Season? New “green” designers, new eco collections, great interviews and Lucie’s veggie recipes!! Let us know if you like it!!


Warm wool. One of nature’s precious gifts. We speak to conscious designers that use this fabric to make their sustainable collections; Pashm, Buddhi and Milde-berlin. Also a great interview with Kyrin Hall, “getting your body winter ready”. Plus delicious (healthy) recipes from Lucie, “journeys through meadows”. And of course lot’s of conscious, fair trade and eco fashion that is stylish, edgy and all available at Featuring: Atelier Laure Paschoud (cover), Aleks Kurkowski, Anne Gorke, Johanna-N, Edelziege, Nouseva Myrsky, Terra Urbana, Buddhi, Deepmello, Ultra-Tee, Van Jos, Minga, Marron Rouge, Zahara Jade, Elise Ballegeer, Juliverse, Saprema of Sweden, Dutch Basics, and Outsider fashion. All available at a better future for fashion.

Surf in October, Portugal.

Portugal. Still warmn, sunny and joyful. Waves in Praia da Areia Branca are catching offshore wind. Here and there we check Peniche and other spots coz we like to cruise around with the van and seeing where could we surf and without the crowd :)

There is Rip Curl Pro competition going in coming days and it will be for sure great and very intensive,.the game is getting closer to the end and therefore the competition is something Must to watch. If you don’t know yet where to stay..oh me oh my we still have few places left. There is a greato package we offer for 290€ if you want to improve or learn surfing meanwhile all together with other treets, aswell insurance and dinners. Ohohooo we are expecting you! Mahaaalohaaaa!

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Surf with us and check the Rip Curl Pro Contest 2014 in Peniche

Where to stay when Rip Curl Pro Peniche 2014 begin? West Coast offering a special deal for these dates. Check out this funky price for accommodation and surf lessons and ofcourse transportation to the Peniche where we’re going to see the contest!!

Quick check the plane tickets, book the special package and SURF IN OCTOBER!

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